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Gym Tights for Men


Designed with innovation, insight and purpose, SQUATWOLF’s gym leggings for men are the answer to your leg day needs. For every gym-loving muscle head, these tights guarantee a workout experience like no other – pushing you that extra mile when you just can’t push yourself.

Gear up for those gains with our vast range of gym tights for men and step into a better you.

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Revolutionizing Men’s Gym Tights – SQUATWOLF’s Innovative Journey

With the promise of delivering superior comfort, SQUATWOLF doesn’t just design gym gear for now – we design gear meant for the ‘you’ you’re becoming. Each piece of each collection is a testament of our commitment, passion and authenticity. Each piece encapsulates our brand values and vision – to elevate the weight of modern life with premium performance gear.

From our gym t-shirts to our gym shorts for men, you’ll experience a seamless workout in every piece you don on.

Discover more of our gym clothes for men to get set for action.

Why Choose SQUATWOLF’s Gym Leggings for Men?

Whether you’re running a marathon or leading your soccer team towards victory, you need gym leggings for men that support you in your victory.

Here are some reasons why SQUATWOLF’s gym tights are perfect for you:

They Guarantee Flexibility for Every Move

Featuring 4-way stretch ability, our flexible gym tights guarantee complete flexibility to help you move freely. When doing stretches before heavy weight lifting or running, you need full flexibility – and our gym tights give you a full range of movement, pushing you hit every move perfectly. With enhanced mobility, your workout experience will be like no other.

They Ensure Agility for Every Session

Crafted with featherlight material, our gym leggings for men are designed to push you forth – not weight you down. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill or sprinting for a cause, our gym tights blend into your physique, giving you a barely-there feeling as you work out. Because of this, you get unparalleled mobility so you’re set for your yoga and CrossFit moves.

They Offer Compression for Performance & Muscle Recovery

If you want to enhance your performance, opt for gym wear with compression such as the Code Cargo Tights that promotes a better oxygen flow throughout your body. With oxygen reaching your muscle tissues through improve blood circulation, your performance will automatically improve. This will give you a power and energy boost during your workout. In addition, the compression from your gym leggings for men also enhances your post-workout muscle recovery and minimizes muscle soreness during workouts.

They Offer Muscle Stability to Prevent Injuries

SQUATWOLF’s gym tights for men also provide you with muscle stability. This means that they absorb some of the shocks incurred from running or intense exercises like weight-lifting, jumping or even sports. These tights give your muscles stability to prevent injury or trauma to any of your muscle groups. Most gym rats and sportsmen prefer working out in compression tights when they are in a recovery phase after a sports injury. The compression holds the muscle together, lowering the shock impact on your body.

They Provide Unparalleled Comfort & Support

One of the most important features of gym gear is comfort. Our gym gear such as the Statement Dryflex Tights feature a soft hand feel fabric that is gentle on the skin, making you feel comfy in your gym fit. They are like a second-skin and hug your body to prevent chafing, giving you an irritation and distraction free workout experience. Thanks to the shaped front panel keeping everything in its place, you experience a seamless workout experience as

The Keep You Sweat-Free with TDRY Technology

SQUATWOLF gym tights for men are engineered with breathable and moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry throughout your workout session. Our innovative TDRY technology instantly dries you up, keeping you sweat-proof during your high intensity and high impact workouts. This technology is a salient feature of our LAB360 collection’s ultra-drying gym tights, so make sure you’ve got one on when you’re aiming for a full-sweat workout!

Complete Your Athletic Fit – Style Your Gym Tights

Outdoor Activities

Pair up your men’s gym leggings with SQUATWOLF gym hoodies to head out for a quick run or jog on the track.

Warm-up Ready

Warming up pre-workout? Then put our gym joggers for men on over your tights to quickly increase your body temperature.

Gym Workout

Whether you’re building your body or training for strength, pair your tights with our gym tanks and stringers for a seamless, distraction-free workout.

How To Choose the Right Gym Leggings for Men?

Not sure which gym leggings to go for? No worries! We’ve got a

Running & Outdoor Workouts

For running and other types of outdoor workouts such as hikes, biking or cycling, go for running gym tights with 4-way stretch and lightweight fabric as they give you agility

Functional & Mobility Training

If you’re engaging in CrossFit, functional training or yoga, go for high stretch gym leggings that allow dynamic movements

High Intensity Gym Training

To ensure you intense training sessions are comfortable and sweat-free, opt for our moisture-wicking compression tights.

Low-Moderate Intensity Workouts

For mix and match workouts opt for flexible gym tights that give you a full range of motion for all kinds of workouts.


Should men wear tights in gym?

Gym tights and leggings are designed with performance fabric that boosts mobility, flexibility and strength, making your leg day workouts (and all other workouts for that matter) a seamless experience. In addition, gym tights also provide added muscular support and shock impact, necessary for high intensity and high impact workouts.

So if a man wants to wear tights in the gym, they absolutely should because gym tights have so many benefits. However, you should always only wear what you feel comfortable in. So if men feel comfortable wearing tights in the gym, they should!

What are men’s workout leggings called?

Men’s workout leggings are usually called men’s gym tights, gym leggings, compression gym tights, compression gym leggings and meggings.

Which tights are best for men?

It really depends on your workout. For instance, if you are hitting leg day at the gym, you’ll need high stretch gym leggings that help you squat, lunge or leg press smoothly and without any restrictions on your movement.

On the other hand, if you’re going to do a high impact workout that makes you sweat, you should consider gym tights that feature TDRY technology for optimal moisture-wicking to keep you dry during your workout. In addition, all tights with compression are good for you as they offer muscle stability, support and post-workout recovery.

Is it OK for guys to wear running tights?

Yes, it is absolutely okay for men to wear running tights. You can wear running tights on your runs, sprints, jogs, walks, hikes and even during your HIIT as running tights give you compression, mobility and stability.

They also absorb any shock from your workout’s impacts, helping you stay agile and injury-free during your workouts. Nowadays, it is very common for guy to wear running tights during their gym and outdoor workouts.

Explore our collection of gym leggings for men to find the best fit for yourself.