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Workout Tank Tops for Women

Workout Tank Tops for Women

Workout tank tops for women aren't merely wardrobe essentials – they’re a blend of style, empowerment, and functionality. At SQUATWOLF, our women's workout tanks are crafted to support every step of your fitness journey.

Merging modern aesthetics with peak performance, these tanks not only elevate your workouts but also your style. Embrace the day's challenges or chase a new personal best – our gym tank tops resonate with the modern woman's versatile spirit.

Delve into SQUATWOLF’s collection and experience a fusion of fashion-forward design and unparalleled performance with our workout tank tops.

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SQUATWOLF's journey in the realm of fitness gear has always been driven by innovation and quality. Our women’s gym tanks epitomize this dedication, crafted carefully to offer both style and unmatched performance. Drawing inspiration from our successes with workout t-shirts for women, we've integrated enhanced breathability and flexibility into our tank tops, ensuring they move as fluidly as you do.

Dive deeper into our collection and witness the evolution firsthand. Each piece, from our standout tank tops to our expansive range of workout clothes for women, showcases our commitment to merging cutting-edge design with practical functionality.

SQUATWOLF is not just for the fit, but for the fight in you. Explore more to empower your moves in the gym.


At SQUATWOLF, we're not just designing gym wear – we’re engineering a statement of style, quality, and function. Our women’s workout tanks capture our ceaseless passion to elevate your fitness journey.

Here's what makes these tanks stand out:

Unmatched Flexibility: Our 4-way stretch fabric ensures that you're not confined. Every twist, every turn, every stretch is unhindered, enhancing your freedom of movement.

Stay Dry, Stay Focused: Thanks to our innovative moisture-wicking properties, you remain dry and comfortable, even during those sweat-drenched sessions.

Elevated Aesthetics: Beyond function, our tank tops showcase contemporary design, ensuring you're the epitome of chic, be it during a workout or a casual day out.

Durability You Can Trust: Our tank tops are not just about looks. They're built to last, accompanying you through countless sessions.

Sustainability at its Core: As always, our gear reflects our commitment to eco-friendly production, from sourcing materials to manufacturing.

Our workout tanks reflect the dedication and innovation that is the ethos of all SQUATWOLF collections. From form-fitting workout leggings for women to dynamic workout hoodies, every piece embodies excellence.

With SQUATWOLF, you don't just wear a brand – you live a legacy.


How Does TDRY Technology in Our Workout Tank Tops Enhance Performance?

TDRY Technology, unique to our LAB360 collection, isn't merely about managing sweat; it's about revolutionizing the way workout tank tops for women address moisture. This innovative approach guarantees rapid evaporation, ensuring you remain dry and at ease, even during the most intense workouts. With our LAB360 tank tops, the fitness journey isn't just about endurance but also about comfort every step of the way.

What Sets the Built-In Shelf Bra Brami Apart in SQUATWOLF's Collection?

The built-in shelf bra Brami is a seamless fusion of a tank top and bra, crafted to offer optimal support without compromising on style. In our Retrograde collection, we've seamlessly integrated this innovation, elevating both functionality and aesthetics. By incorporating this blend, the Retrograde tanks empower every woman to train with confidence, ensuring every movement is supported and every style is on point.

How Does the Mesh Reversible Tank Offer a Breathable Workout Experience?

The Mesh reversible tank is not just a design marvel but also an ode to optimal ventilation. This state-of-the-art design allows for maximum breathability, ensuring a comfortable and cool workout session. Its reversible feature doubles the style quotient, giving wearers the choice to switch between two distinct looks while still enjoying the benefits of enhanced airflow.

With each technological advancement, SQUATWOLF remains committed to pushing boundaries in fitness wear. Every piece, every thread, every tech reflects our unwavering dedication to offer nothing but the best in workout tank tops for women.

Our focus: Your unparalleled performance and style.


Athleisure On-The-Go

Pair your tank with our workout joggers for women for an outfit that effortlessly transitions from your morning yoga sessions to coffee dates. A perfect combo of a stylish yet comfortable look, perfect for those active days.

Gym Power Look

Amp up your gym session by combining gym tanks with the supportive and sleek sports bras. This dynamic duo not only ensures you’re ready for those high-intensity workouts but makes sure you ace them with sheer confidence and style.

Summer Vibes Workout

When the temperatures soar, opt for a breezy combo by teaming up your tank tops with our lightweight gym shorts for women. It’s the perfect blend that keeps you cool, agile, and stylish during those scorching summer workouts.

Every SQUATWOLF piece is intricately designed, ensuring that you not only wear fitness gear but don an emblem of style and functionality. Dive deeper into our collections and curate looks that resonate with your unique fitness journey and fashion preferences.

SQUATWOLF: Where Style Meets Performance

Choosing the perfect workout tank top is no longer just about comfort; it's about making a statement. SQUATWOLF redefines athletic wear, creating tank tops that not only support your workouts but also amplify your style.

Dive into our collection to find the piece that resonates with your fitness and fashion goals.

Impact Tank

Best suited for those sweat-inducing, heart-pumping sessions. Its design ensures maximum breathability while giving you the support you need during high-intensity workouts.

Reversible Mesh Tank

The queen of versatility! Whether it's cardio day or strength training, this tank adapts with its reversible design, ensuring you remain fresh while allowing optimal ventilation.

2-in-1 Tank

It's like having a workout buddy! A fusion of support and style, this tank is perfect for those who want added coverage without compromising on the sleek look.

Crop Top

A go-to for yoga and Pilates sessions. A crop top ensures comfort, allowing for seamless transitions between poses.

Weightless Workout Tank

As the name suggests, it feels like you're wearing air. Ideal for lengthy workout sessions where comfort is paramount.

All Day Tank

Perfect for those long days where you move from work to workout. A blend of style and functionality ensures you remain chic all day.

Ribbed Crop Tank

For the fashion-forward fitness enthusiast. Whether it's a dance class or a brunch post-workout, this tank guarantees you'll make a statement.

Performance Tank

When you’re in it to win it! Tailored for athletes, this tank boosts your performance by ensuring maximum mobility and breathability.


The epitome of innovation with its in-built shelf bra and a low scoop back. It offers unparalleled support, especially during weightlifting sessions, ensuring you're both stylish and secure.

Should I go for a Brami or a Ribbed Crop Tank?

A Brami and a ribbed crop tank are both versatile pieces in the world of women's athletic and casual wear, but they serve distinct purposes and come with unique features:


  • Combines support of a bra with coverage of a camisole.
  • Features an in-built shelf bra for enhanced support.
  • Offers both style and functionality.
  • Made from stretchy materials for a snug fit.
  • Often has a low scoop back design.
  • Can be worn as innerwear or outerwear.
  • Versatile for workouts or layering under outfits.
  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, and low-impact workouts.

Ribbed Crop Tank

  • Features distinct raised vertical lines for a textured look.
  • Design offers stretch and comfort.
  • Ends at or above the waist for a modern, cropped appearance.
  • Lacks built-in bras, leaning more towards style.
  • May require a bra pairing for additional support.
  • Versatile for casual day-out looks and gym sessions.
  • Ribbed crop tanks are best for low to moderate-intensity workouts like yoga, Pilates, or brisk walking.

What is a 2-in-1 tank?

The 2-in-1 tank merges a low-impact sports bra with an open-back tank. It features removable bra cups, elasticated straps for comfort, and a lightweight mesh overlay for a loose fit. This unique design ensures support, breathability, and style in one unified piece, ideal for workouts.

Should I wear a 2-in-1 gym tank while working out?

Definitely! The 2-in-1 gym tank combines functionality and style. With its integrated low-impact sports bra and elasticated straps, it provides support and flexibility during exercises. The lightweight mesh layer ensures breathability, making it ideal for both intensive workouts and low-impact activities. It's a versatile choice that delivers on both performance and fashion fronts.

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