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High Impact Sports Bra

Flow through your fitness routine without any distractions with our high impact sports bra. Designed to provide maximum support for intense workouts such as HIIT, cardio, running and other high impact activities.

Durable and Comfortable High Impact Sports Bra

A high impact sports bra will provide you with the comfort and mobility you need to dominate your training sessions with confidence. High-impact sports bras are optimal for anything between running to yoga. Any sessions that requires you to jump and move with intensity, sends an equal motion back through your body. Workouts require you to be attentive and carefree about everything else. A high impact sports bra helps you remain composed and collected, letting your attention and efforts flow deeper in to your workouts.

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Comfort Like No Other

Our collection of high impact sports bra and push up sports bras are engineered to give you comfort. While working out, the impact on your chest can cause unnecessary strain if you do not take the right precautions. Workouts are supposed to help you feel energized and strain specific parts of the body you are trying to work out. Whether you are running at high speeds, weight lifting or yoga, without a high impact sports bra you are bound to feel extra strain in your chest area which can lead to chronic back pain if left unchecked.

The right bra can help keep everything in place regardless of how hard you push yourself. This allows your mind and body to remain focused on the workout rather than being distracted on the pain or aftermath of a vigorous workout. SQUATWOLF designs every piece of clothing keeping its athletes in mind. This one of the biggest problems women face while working out. The solution was simple, create a bra that not only helps to stabilize your chest during fast paced movements but also be comfortable on the skin. With moisture wicking properties.

The Technology Behind High Impact Sports Bras

The molded cups and stabilizers on the straps were engineered to help reduce uncomfortable tension after bounces. This allows you to push your limits during a high intensity run or lifting session. Most pus up sports bras feature mesh panels that allow your chest to breathe without sweat building up.

Our high impact sports bras are made with fabric that keeps you dry and moisture off your skin. The adjustable straps allow you to fit the bra to your liking, you can customize the bra according to your comfort level. Most of our high impact sports bras come with Areopad ™, washable and reusable pads for your high impact sports bra to increase comfort and support. Areopad ™ is made with Nylex ™ , these pads increase breathability and prevent moisture from building up around the chest. Elevate your game in the gym with SQUATWOLF’s high impact sports bras that are engineered to outlast and provide you mobility, comfort and support at every step of your workout.

Minimalist High Impact Sports Bras

At SQUATWOLF, with function comes style. Have the best of both worlds with our high impact and push up sports bras. Each bra is uniquely designed to not just perform well during workouts but to complement the rest of your athleisure wardrobe. Our Hera collection features modest and minimalist designs while our SQUATWOLF. We Rise collection is bound to get heads to turn. Each collection has a unique vibe, each vibe represents your unique passion for athleisure and fitness. With a diverse range of colors and designs, SQUATWOLF has just the right high impact sports bra for you. Check out our Warrior collection for a more powerful look, with SQUATWOLF you get comfort, function and style.

Create Your Dream Athleisure Wardrobe

At SQUATWOLF, we put in the same effort and dedication for each piece of clothing. Every collection and piece of clothing comes with its own vibe and fabric technology. Our diverse range of athleisure and fitness clothes can help you build your dream workout wardrobe. With more and more people transitioning towards casual wear, athleisure has become daily wear. This is because of its comfort and style. These clothes are visually appealing and much more suitable for chilling or working all day. Combine your high impact sports bra with leggings for women, joggers for women, or shorts to get the complete WOLF PACK look. You can be a part of the hottest growing athleisure brand that is built around its lovely consumers