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Men's Athletic Shorts

Men’s Athletic Shorts

High-performance, flexible and adaptive, SQUATWOLF’s athletic shorts for men are made for the hustler in you. With superior stretch and moisture-wicking properties, these shorts make sure all your gym sessions are robust – challenging you beyond your routine. These shorts keep you agile for every lift, jump, sprint and squat.

Go that extra mile with our vast collection of men’s gym shorts – built for endurance.

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Why Go for SQUATWOLF’s Athletic Shorts?

Efficient, supportive and dependable, our athletic shorts are dynamic in every way. Blending style and comfort, these multi-purpose gym shorts keep you geared up for all kinds of workout.

Here’s why you should go for these shorts:

They’re Performance-Ready

Engineered with 4-way stretch fabric, our performance shorts keep you on-the-go for every movement. Whether you’re training for CrossFit, mobility or hitting some demanding plyometric moves, these shorts keep you agile and flexible.

This feature also promotes a full range of motion, maximizing muscle engagement and contraction during your workouts. This enables you to hit every rep right – helping you grow your gains. What’s more is that these shorts are ergonomically designed, which boosts your endurance for running, cycling and other kinds of high impact cardio.

They’re Integrated with Cutting-Edge Technology

Our athletic knee-length shorts incorporate superior moisture-wicking abilities and breathable design patterns. This ensures unparalleled moisture management to keep you dry and focused during your workouts.

Whether you’re hitting the track, out on the court for basketball or soccer, or hitting the gym for an intense session, the moisture-wicking properties in these shorts will keep you focused for every activity. In addition, since these shorts feature side ventilation panels, you get airflow throughout your workout, ensuring breathability through every move.

They’re Built to Last

What makes both, our athletic and running shorts stand out is that they’re gym staples for the long haul. Our athletic shorts are made with a blend of several fabrics such as polyester, elastane, nylon, rayon and cotton, giving you not just flexibility but also durability.

Whether you’re hitting unique moves at the gym, heading into a hike or going for some other rigorous physical activities, these shorts will withstand all kinds of wear and tear.

They’re Multi-Sports Wear

Our men’s basketball shorts integrate sports innovation, which makes them ideal for courtyard sports such as basketball, soccer and outdoor sports such as running, trekking, hiking, mountain climbing. In addition, these shorts give you flexibility to support your Yoga chakras and poses.

Tips For Styling Your Athletic Shorts for Men

  • For Weightlifting: Wear these shorts with men’s muscle shirts for an intense workout session.
  • For Outdoor Workout: If you’re hitting the track for hikes or runs, go for a tank top in summers and long sleeves shirt in colder weather.
  • For A Sporty Look: For an easy-going, casual day where you look athletic, pair these shorts with a gym polo.
  • For Recovery Days: Pull a comfortable gym hoodie over to kick it back and relax on your recovery days.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Athletic Shorts

Para Shorts

Relaxed-fit shorts that are perfect for your casual active wear while keeping you comfortable for low impact activities.

Recommendation: Code Para Shorts

2-In-1 Shorts

Offering extreme flexibility, coverage and ergonomic seams, these shorts are perfect for advanced and demanding workouts such as power lifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit or mobility training.

Recommendation: Golden Era Young Retro 2-In-1 Shorts

TDry Tech Shorts

Ideal for high impact and intense activities such as HIIT, running, jogging, sprinting, cycling, etc. that make you sweat.

Recommendation: LAB360° Tdry™ Tech 2-in-1 Shorts

Should You Choose Athletic Shorts for Your Workouts?

Yes, you should choose athletic shorts for men for your gym training session. This is because these shorts provide you with flexibility, comfort and coverage – everything you need for a successful and dynamic workout. In addition, these shorts are also resilient and enduring, giving you support as you lift weights or sprint on the track.

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